Lindsay Davis



  • Have you spotted Lindsay in an airport terminal near you (worldwide) yet? Check out her ads for United Airlines and send in a photo!
  • Lindsay receives the Heart Hope Foundation Courage award May 27, 2015 for her work with cardiac related charities and initiatives in light of her own life threatening heart condition. Read more HERE
  • Lindsay joining Senator Cliff Hite on a Meningitis Awareness campaign at the University of Findlay – October 30, 2014
  • See Lindsay speak in NYC on “Genetic Testing in Heart Patients” – October 11, 2014
  • See Lindsay speak in Boston, MA on “Genetic Testing in Heart Patients” – May 10, 2014
  • Come see Lindsay at Vanderbilt University with Simons Fund Foundation and get your students heart screened. April 5, 2014
  • See Lindsay speak in Columbus, OH on “Genetic Testing in Heart Patients” – March 8, 2014
  • Lindsay cast as reoccurring “Melodie” on Comedy Central show “Broad City”
  • Lindsay in Atlanta filming “The Hunger Games – Catching Fire
  • Lindsay accepts board of directors positions on project R.A.K.E and Heart Hope Foundation.
  • Lindsay working to legislate HB180 in Ohio. To Protect Student Athletes from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
  • Lindsay wrapping a music video and commercial shoot in Barcelona, Spain with Ne-yo for Malibu Red – Malibu Rum
  • Lindsay hosting an episode of “Insane Coaster Wars” on the Travel Channel in her home state of Ohio!
  • Lindsay throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a Cleveland Indians game



In 1996 a little girl in Ohio sat in her classroom and wrote an imaginary story called “A star is born” it was a crayola crayon illustrated book about a woman in a sparkley dress who goes off to Hollywood and finds every dream she ever had come true; Modeling all over the world, meeting her idols, Hollywood royalty, and even real royalty. Little did the young girl know that story would come true, and one day she would be the women in the sparkley dress realizing her wildest dreams becoming realities.

Lindsay Davis is an internationally published model residing in Ohio and Los Angeles, CA. She has been involved in the arts since age 3. She spent her whole life training to be a ballerina to attend Juilliard after she graduated. At age 17 her dreams came crashing down when she was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, an often fatal heart condition you hear about in the news where the condition will go undiagnosed in an athlete and they will fatally collapse in the middle of a game (as basketball star Hank Gathers did in 1990). She was forced to give up her passion, her ballet and was in the hospital so much it affected school. However she ended up coming out on top and graduating with honors. Throughout the years she learned to channel her creativity of dance into other artistic mediums such as painting, photography and eventually modeling, which she quickly excelled in.

When Lindsay isn’t modeling, you can find her studying for her double major of Marketing and Psychology, volunteering for many causes, volunteering at her local children’s hospital and working on an organization she founded called hearts-4 hearts, benefiting young people afflicted with heart disease. Of her own heart condition Lindsay has said “in a way my heart condition was a blessing in disguise, it pushed me to accomplish things I never would have dreamed I would, and gave me a new way to reach out and touch someone, if only to make their life a little bit easier”

In 2011 she was crowned Miss Ohio United States and is looking forward to the voice the prestigious title will give her to convey messages of inspiration, to help people, and to get more people involved in good causes by bringing attention to them. You have only heard the beginning of Lindsay Davis, with her determination, there’s only one direction this beauty can go, up.

“I have big plans for my future! I’ve worked with so many amazing and talented people and seen so many amazing places, I am so blessed with the opportunities I’ve been presented with thus far. I’m very goal driven and have a very eventful life ahead of me, I would love for you to be a part of it!” – Lindsay Davis

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